GEN.V Turn-Key Engine Conversion Program for Vanagons


Gen.V Gas


At FAS Inc. we have built a World Wide reputation on our “Turn - Key” Engine and Drivetrain solutions for the Volkswagen Bus and Vanagon.  No need for superfluous adjectives here... there is simply no question that we provide the cleanest, most dependable conversion installs, kits and products in the industry!


FAS offers the only true Turn-key package in the industry.  Everything from exhaust to cooling, fueling and electrical systems are included. **See itemized list below.

Every FAS GEN.V Engine Conversion Kit fits nicely under the stock Vanagon or Bus engine Lid!!


FAS GEN.V = Value Through Calculated Simplicity








- Turn-Key Gasoline Conversion:  VW 2.0L SOHC (single overhead cam)  Drive by Wire (No throttle cable)

  135 HP @ 5200 RPM,  135 ft.lbs. (torque) @ 3800 RPM         

         Price:  $14,995              (Additional $500 for Cruise Control, **Automatic Transmissions Only)     





-  Turn-Key Gasoline TURBO Conversion:  Drive by Wire (No throttle cable)

   165 HP @ 3400 RPM,  180 ft.lbs. (torque) @ 4250 RPM

          Price:  $17,995               (Additional $500 for Cruise Control, **Automatic Transmissions Only)      





-  Turn-Key Diesel Conversion:  VW 1.9L TDi Pumpe Duse,  Drive by Wire (No throttle cable)

   150 HP @ 2550 RPM,  250 ft.lbs. (torque) @ 2250 RPM

          Price:  $17,995                 



** Please, Contact FAS for In-House Installation Costs **








**FAS Gen.V Turn-Key Packges Include:


NEW Zero-Mile Complete Factory Engine

   Intake/Exhaust Manifolds, AC compressor, Power Steering Pump, Water Pump, Alternator, Spark Plugs or Glow Plugs, ICU, Injectors, Fuel Rail, Fuel Filter, Hoses & Clamps, Billet Fuel Spigot, Proprietary In-line Adaptor Plate, Dust Shield, Flywheel & Ring Gear, Flex Plate For Automatics,  All Necessary Hardware


FAS Proprietary Hydraulic Cradle & Mount Package

    50° Under-the-lid Install, Custom FAS Billet Oil Pan


Complete Exhaust  System

     Muffler & Tail Pipe, Exhaust Hanging Kit, Header Pipe, Gas Kits Include New Catalytic Converter, Diesels Include Test Pipe


All Plug and Play Cooling Components

   All Hoses, Stainless Steel Extension Pipes To Factory Pipes, Stainless Steel Thermostat to Heater Return Pipe, Proprietary Billet Goosenecks,  Coolant Reservoir, Reservoir Bracket (which also holds the factory WBX power steering reservoir), All Necessary Clamps


New Compete Plug and Play Wiring Harness

   Analog to Digital Vehicle Speed Sensor Unit, Every Kit Includes Cruise Control With a Universal Dash Mounted Pad ($500 additional for automatic transmissions), OBDII Connector, MIL &  Glow Plug Indicator (if applicable)



    ECU’s Are Provided & Are Immo. Deleted & Programed With Stage II Tuning At No Additional Cost

    Also Provided Are All Relays, Fuses, & ECU Mounting Bracket.

    Gas Engines Are Provided With Pre & Post CAT O2 Sensors, & Digitial To Analog Tach. Converter.


Throttle by Wire

    ALL Gen.V Conversions are throttle by wire (no throttle cable) & include the plug & play throttle pedal assembly.







If you have your own engine, and are intersted in a DIY project, FAS can help you mount your engine to the transmission, and van, while keeping it under the lid.  Check out our "Basic Install Kit".  Browse our "Gen.IV/V  Engine Conversion Components" & "2LR/Tiico/ABA/Gen.II Conversion Components" products for help in other areas of your conversion.