*** FAS offers the only true Turn-Key Pacakge in the industry ***


A GEN.V Gas or Diesel Package offers a worry free Under-The-Lid option for the Vanagon/Bus owner looking for silky smooth reliability, while not sacrificing performance, or comfort.


Engines are Brand New, and all of the conversion components are Made here in the USA; using the finest materials and equipment.

Let’s Face it, the original flat-4 Waterboxer was a failed experiment in every way…be it reliability, dependability, or utter lack of fuel economy; not to mention one of the worse emissions emitters of all time on the planet. It’s the truth; it is okay to admit it. We all love our vans despite their environmental impact.


Sure, there are other attempts at solutions, but “used” Ford and Subaru engines only further complicate service and maintenance horror stories without doing much better in the areas of reliability, emissions, or fuel consumption. Not every individual or shop wants to deal with the science project of scabbing together used salvaged engines and components from around North America to keep their prized people movers going!


Every aspect of a GEN.V Gas or Diesel Engine Conversion Kit has been carefully designed and taken into consideration. From our patent pending hydraulic engine mounting system and user friendly exhaust system with our exclusive  “engine free” mounting design, to the utilization of the stock 2.1 waterboxer air box and filter, we achieved a very smooth, quiet, powerful conversion that will give you years and years of reliable service.  Follow up maintenance items are inexpensive and easily available. The clean and simple design will not scare off even the most tentative of technicians.


VW Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa realized early on after production ceased in Germany, that the future of the VW Bus/Vanagon lay solely on the abandoning of the earlier antiquated flat-4 for the newer in-line watercooled engine designs that have provided worldwide, bulletproof reliability in the passenger car market for over 40 years.


FAS have always been synonymous with high standards, and it is easy to see the quality difference when compared to others in the market.


It’s time for you to try an FAS “Turn-Key” solution today and eliminate that “knot” in your stomach when embarking on your #Vanlife adventures.



So powerfully smooth and quiet, it will have you questioning if you are in the right vehicle. No longer are hills and steep grades an issue, merge lanes and pass with complete confidence because the GEN.V package truly transforms your Vanagon/Bus driving experience.     





Included in the Gen.V Engine Conversion Package:


Everything! Besides the NEW ZERO mileage Factory Engine: Proprietary Hydraulic Engine cradle hanging system, Intake/Exhaust manifolds, Alternator, A/c Compressor, Power Steering Pump, water pump, timing belt, Spark plugs or Glow Plugs, ICU, injectors, Billet adaptor plate and flywheel, dust shield, all necessary hardware, oil and coolant


All fuel system components, Muffler and tail pipe, catalytic converter (gas engine, test pipe for diesel), pre and post cat O2 sensors, FAS’ exclusive “engine free” exhaust hanging kit system featuring stainless steel clamps.


Entire cooling system hoses, billet coolant flanges, stainless steel coolant extension pipes to factory pipe connections, Coolant reservoir, coolant reservoir mounting bracket (which also holds factory WBX power steering reservoir) all necessary clamps and hardware.


New Complete Plug and Play Wiring Harness complete with Analogue to digital VSS unit.


All conversions are Drive-By-Wire (no throttle cable), and includes a complete plug & play electronic throttle pedal assembly.


Every Kit Includes Cruise Control at no charge…

…Whether the vehicle had cruise control or not. We supply a universal dash mounted user-friendly cruise control pad.

OBDII connector provided as well as glow plug indicator for diesel and intercooler fan over-ride switch for Turbo models


All ECU’s are provided flashed and immobilizer defeated with Stage II tuning at no additional cost.


Complete Installation provided