In-Line 4 Cylinder Vanagon Engine Conversion "Basic Install Kit"


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**Old design oil pan shown.  Billet Oil Pan now included**

**Throttle cable sold separately



Why be stuck having to settle for antiquatedly designed Vanagon diesel components to install an in line conversion into a Vanagon?  

FASTT's Basic Engine Converion kit eliminates the need of using any "hard to find" original Vanagon diesel components.  All parts are produced stateside using only the finest materials and machining processes available by FAS, and incorporate our highly successful proprietary hydraulic engine mount bar system.  If you are looking to complete a 50 degree swap, FASTT has everything you need.

"Value through calculated simplicity"


Based on a 2000+ VW 4 Cylinder Engines-  AEG, AVH, BEV 8 Valve Engine Codes, as well as TDI, Mechanical Diesel, and Pumpe Duse Diesels

Basic Install Kit will also fit;  2LR, ABA, or earlier equivalent codes. 


(Please contact FAS to verify your engine/specifics will work with out components)


If using our basic kit, you will need to come up with all the additional solutions for the following:

-full coolant system configuration

-Full exhaust system configuration

-Full electronics, harness,ecu, tuning etc.,correctly sized MAF housing,etc.,

-Full intake system configuration, including air box and intercooler systems, plumbing etc.,

-Electronic throttle pedal system

-Tach converter system as well as factory gauge interface

-Cruise control if you want it hooked up



We do not provide a complete item check list of other components needed or any technical support on  the "basic kits" outside of the very user friendly instructions/specs for the components for the basic kit we would be providing you in that kit. 



Standard Transmission Kit Includes-

    Adaptor Pate (w/ hardware)

    Adaptor Plate Dust Shield (w/ hardware)

    Bell Housing Gasket 

    Diesel Style Input Shaft


    Oil Pan and Oil Pick Up Adaptor (w/ o-rings)  **OE cast oil pan & diesel pick up tube & pump provided for some earlier conversions 

    Hydraulic Engine Cradle and Mount Kit (powder coated)**

            Cradle Bar

            2 Engine Mounts

            2 Hydraulic Mounts

            2 Cradle Spacer Blocks

            Installation Hardware

            Needle Bearing


    Throttle Cable, Manual

    Throttle Cable, Automatic

    Throttle Cable, Diesel





Hydraulic Mount Kit


Flywheel                                                                                            Adaptor Plate and Dust Shield


Oil Pan                                                                                                          Oil Pick Up Adaptor





Automatic Transmission Includes-

     Adaptor Plate (w/ hardware)

    Adaptor Plate Dust Shield (w/ Hardware)

    Flexplate (w/ hardware)

    Oil Pan & Pick Up Adaptor (w/ o-ring)

    Hydraulic Cradle and Mount Kit**







Naturally Aspirated Gas, Standard/Syncro/Automatic (please specify when ordering)-  $2999

Turbo Drain Kit Add-on:   $189