Why FAS over Ford or Subaru



-Everything to complete the job is included in a GEN.V Turn-Key kit and everything is brand new including the engine.


-Engine fits entirely under the lid, exactly how the factory intended. No need to modify your engine hatch


-No sacrificing of ground clearance


-The GEN.V gets much better fuel economy (22-25 mpg) while polluting 20 times less than the factory engine


-By re-utilizing the factory air box, the GEN.V is upper smooth and quiet


-Follow up Maintenance is much simpler and parts very plentiful and inexpensive due to the similarity of passenger car components.


-Shouldn’t you have a VW engine in your VW? While traveling, try and get a VW dealership in Omaha NE to work on your van with a cobbled together Subaru or Ford Focus engine installed…not going to happen.


-Price!! The GEN.V is less expensive to install than a Subaru or Ford and they use Junk yard engines