2LR/Tiico MAP (Duo) Sensor


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Chances are, if you’ve owned a Tiico Conversion for any length of time and the temperature in your area dropped below 25 degrees fahrenheit in the winter, you’ve already needed to upgrade your MAP/Duo Sensor.


Referred to by VW & Bosch as a Duo Sensor, because of its dual function: Manifold absolute pressure and intake air temperature sensor. The original Duo sensor that was provided on the first few years of the Tiico conversion engines (part# 030 906 051 A, 0 261 230 011) was not properly calibrated for the extreme temperature changes in North America. Shortly after we uncovered this a little over 9 years ago, Bosch supplied us with an updated, properly calibrated sensor.


If you experience cold start issues, hesitation, belchy black smoke, MAP sensor fault codes, and have not already updated your original factory MAP sensor, there is a good chance this part will provide the solution.



Made in Germany