Automatic Transmission Heat Sink


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Part# ATF 409 061 C


Updating our favorite vintage vehicles with advanced technology replacement parts, current modern day engines, and transmissions in a seemingly unnoticeable way, has always been our mission. FASTT’s Automatic Transmission Cooler “Heat Sink” is a compact, efficient solution that provides superior cooling over its factory original counterpart. Our “Heat Sink” mounts up into the factory stock location easily in less than 15 minutes. The kit includes a hose union offering a quick solution by joining the two coolant hoses together with no added work or expense.


20 Years ago we asked the question: “Why would anyone design a factory cooler using antifreeze running at a higher operating temperature than the fluid it is attempting to cool (ATF)?”- makes no sense. We’ve heard all the answers and arguments.


The most common:


1. It helps the transmission fluid warm up to operating temperature faster- not true. They start off at close to the same temperature, with the tranny heating up much faster to start off. Even if it were the case, it should have been thermostatically controlled to kick off after operating temperature is achieved.


2. It keeps the transmission fluid at a lower more constant temperature - also, not true. Try mounting a temperature gauge on an earlier Bay Window automatic transmission. They constantly run 15-20 degrees cooler than their WBX counterpart without any cooler at all.


The bottom line is that the factory cooler is, and always has been, a completely flawed design. We’ve seen a few attempted solutions offering more expensive, more complicated, and larger remote coolers, but they still fail to address the always potential issue of mixing engine and transmission fluids causing very costly repairs. During the development phase, we intentionally maximized the internal surface area of our “heat sink”, enabling It to accommodate 4 times the amount of transmission fluid running through it than the factory part offered. Using all of the available extra space the original factory part did not utilize between the transmission bracket and frame/mount.

We collaborated closely with the highly respected German Transaxle of America, completing all of our Dyno testing, and Mt. Hood climbs out of their Bend, Oregon facility producing a “thumbs up” sign of approval.




Made in USA