In-Line 4 Cylinder Vanagon Engine Conversion, Gen.V Oil Pan & Pick Up Adaptor


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FASTT Exclusive Design:


Application: for In-Line 4 Cylinder Vanagon Engine Swaps when using a VW Gas or Diesel Power plant from 1999.5-2012


For years folks have wanted to install 2000 and newer VW Gas & Diesel engines into Vanagons and have them tuck neatly under the engine lid @ a 50 degree orientation…

Look no further-



FASTT has designed, tested, and manufactured exactly what you need. Our Gen.V Oil Pan & Pick-up Adaptor assembly kit enables you to install any VW gas or diesel 4 cylinder engine from 1999.5-2012 and be mounted in a Vanagon at a 50 degree angle like earlier conversions.  The Pick-Up Adaptor was designed to re-use the original pick up tube (part# 06A 115 251**), no matter what Engine Platform you are using.  We do offer a brand new replacement if needed.

**you will find this pick up tube on most engines...please, verify that this is the part# you are re-using.  No other pick up tube will work**


Initially designed for the use with FASTT Adaptor Plates and Hydraulic Cradle Bar and Mount Set Up, we decided to make a few changes that would allow our Pan & Pick-Up Adaptor to be used by itself for DIY customers. Unlike factory original cast pans, this one will not crack if bumped and drain out all of your crankcase oil.  The Oil Pan is built like and tank using Billet Aluminum, being sure to maximize ground clearance. 



Billet Aluminum for a nice finish and to improve longevity.




**Includes Multiple Oil Drain fittings, to accomodate many Gas Turbo and Turbo Diesel applications**




Pick Up Adaptor:




-Oil Pan & Pick-Up Adaptor (and o-rings):  $869

Turbo Drain Kit:  $189 

Includes:  Billet oil drain fitting & gasket at Turbo, (2) 8AN fittings, 8AN braided hose, Hardware & crushwashers, Block drill jig****, Instructions)


-VW Sealant D-176-404-M2-  $30

-New pick up tube-  $30


**Pick Up Adaptor is Not Sold Separately**

**Original Oil Pan Bolts to be used, N 907-356-04**

**ONLY, VW Sealant (D-176-404-M2) to be used**

***Original oil baffle to be reused, slightly modified (see photos below)

****For turbo drain clearance, block must be drilled using FASTT block drill jig****




***Oil Baffle***

Original:                                                                                           Modified:


****Block drill jig****


Made in USA