Thermostat Gooseneck 2LR / Tiico A2 - A3 Diesel Applications, Billet


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Ever noticed that the standard "plastic" passenger car thermostat goosenecks never quite work for Vanagon gas and diesel in-line engine installs? The angle is incorrect. It is beyond impossible to install a passenger car style gooseneck (part # 055 121 121F or any derivative) using proper Vanagon coolant hoses and not kink a hose or force a leak.



Additionally, all plastic goosenecks eventually warp, crack and leak over time due to heat - even on the passenger vehicles. Sure, a plastic gooseneck is much cheaper to make, from a manufacturing perspective, but not for the consumer if you have to replace them every couple of years.


Buy your last coolant thermostat from FASTT. Designed to have the best possible angle off of the water pump for proper coolant hose routing. This billet gooseneck will never crack or warp.


Made in USA