2LR / Tiico Conversion Wiring Harness


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One of the toughest tasks of any successful engine installation is the engine electronics portion. Whether you are working on a factory engine replacement/install or engine conversion/swap, a user friendly "plug and play" harness option is always your best bet. Over the years, we've seen a lot of sub-par engine wiring attempts, especially on Vanagon engine conversions. After witnessing many TDi and Subaru conversion messes all spliced together using used passenger car remnants, we began building our own Harnesses.


FASTT's 2LR/Tiico Harness is completely brand new - from connectors to wires - and is truly the real definition of "plug and play."  Sold as a replacement/upgrade for 2LR/Tiico owners and also as an excellent solution for many other existing 4 cylinder gasoline conversions / swaps for bus / vanagon or passenger cars.


**$50 Core charge, refunded when old Harness is returned to FAS**


Made in USA