I4 Conversion Flywheel & Adaptor Plate Package


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Applications: Fits all Volkswagen Watercooled Gas and Diesel In-Line & Transverse 4 Cylinder Engines from 1975-2012- Gas & Diesel MkI, MkII, MkIII, MkIV, MkV including TFSI, ALH, Pumpe Duse, and Commonrail versions.




Adaptor Plate:

CNC’d stateside by FASTT from 6061 Aluminum, this adaptor plate is the corner stone of our engine conversion program….far superior to any cast adaptor plate currently available in the US, Germany, or South Africa.


FASTT designed its adaptor plate specifically to fit all standard or automatic shift applications and has the provisions to accommodate both 17.5 degree (upright), or 50 degree install applications. Our adaptor plate is machined to clear the crankshaft positioning sensor of late model MkIV and MKV Engines.


FASTT’s Engine Conversion adaptor plate eliminates the need of using any original Vanagon diesel components for install of any In-Line conversion into a VW Vanagon….Why be stuck using hard to find, antiquated designed Vanagon Diesel components, such as flywheel, clutches, bell housings, starters, engine cradles, etc…..FASTT’s adaptor plate allows usage of any stock or performance wassserboxer clutch (kit), or starter for gas applications






CNC’d stateside by FASTT from 8620 Steel, our Flywheel features a dry ice fitment process of the starter ring gear to flywheel intended to not compromise tensile strength of either the flywheel, or ring gear teeth.


FASTT’s flywheel was designed to fit specifically with both our own adaptor plate and other cast plates available in the industry.



Price includes

Standard: Adaptor plate & dust shield, adaptor plate hardware, flywheel, flywheel bolts, needle bearing:  $989

Automatic:  Adaptor plate & dust shield, adaptor plate hardware, flex plate, flex plate hardware:  $989


Made in USA