In-Line 4 Engine Performance Solutions

Pictures and write-ups from around the globe say it all… FAS provides the cleanest most thorough, dependable “Turn-Key” VW In-Line 4 Engine Conversion installs and swaps in the Industry!


GEN. V 2.0L 8V Gas Turbo Install


GEN. V 2.0L 8V Gas NA Install


GEN. V PD 130 TDi


VW México, Brazil, and South Africa realized early on, after production ceased in Germany, that the future of the VW Bus/Vanagon lay solely on the abandoning of the earlier antiquated flat-4 for the newer in-line watercooled engine designs that have provided world-wide, bullet proof reliability in the passenger car markets for over 40 years.


Let’s face it, the original flat-4 Waterboxer was a failed experiment in every way... be it reliability, dependability, or utter lack of fuel economy; not to mention one of the worse emissions emitters of all time on the planet. It’s the truth; it is okay to admit it. We all love our vans despite their environmental impact. Sure, there are other attempts at solutions, but “used” Ford and Subaru engines only further complicate service and maintenance horror stories without doing much better in the areas of reliability, emissions or fuel consumption. Not every individual or shop wants to deal with the science project of scabbing together used salvaged engines and components from around North America to keep their prized people movers going!


Try an FAS “Turn-Key” solution today and eliminate that “knot” in your stomach when embarking on your #Vanlife adventures.



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