GEN. V Turn-Key Engine Conversion Program

FAS, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the GEN. V Engine Conversion Program for Vanagons and Buses to the general public. Utilizing VW 4 Cylynder Gas and Diesel engines currently in the North American market, the Turn-Key Conversions offer worry free options for the Vanagon/Bus owner looking for silky smooth reliability, while not sacrificing performance or comfort!


FAS offers the only true Turn-key package in the industry.  Everything from exhaust to cooling, fueling and electrical systems are included. **See itemized list below.


Engines are brand new from Germany, and all of the conversion components are made here in the USA; built to last using the finest materials and equipment available.  FAS has always been synonymous with high standards, and it is easy to see the quality difference when compared to others in the market. Oh, and did we mention that every FAS GEN.V Engine Conversion Kit fits nicely under the stock Vanagon or Bus engine Lid!!


Every aspect of a GEN.V Gas or Diesel Engine Conversion Kit has been very carefully designed and taken into consideration. From our patent pending hydraulic engine mounting system and user friendly exhaust system with our exclusive “engine free” mounting design, to the utilization of the stock 2.1 waterboxer air box and filter; we have achieved a very smooth, quiet, powerful conversion that will give years and years of reliable service.  Follow up maintenance items are inexpensive and easily available.  The clean and simple design will not scare off even the most tentative of technicians.


If you have your own engine, and are intersted in a DIY project, FAS can help you mount your engine to the transmission, and van, while keeping it under the lid.  Check out our "Basic Install Kit".  Browse our "Gen.IV/V  Engine Conversion Components" & "2LR/Tiico/ABA/Gen.II Conversion Components" products for help in other areas of your conversion.


FAS GEN. V = Value Through Calculated Simplicity





FAS GEN. V = Value Through Calculated Simplicity



Gen.V Gas NA



Gen.V PD Diesel