Meet The Crew

Jon and Mike have kept a good thing going since the early 90’s. Jon and Mike combined have over 50 years of experience.

Partners in crime almost from the first day they met working at Mike’s father’s shop their motto has always been plain and simple: “Better, Best.”



Nickname: MJ

MJ Quotables: ”Drop a zero”

“Wheels and Tires”

“Quite a few Jim”     “Only thing better than cheap, is free”

“ Prove me wrong”    “Dangerous Knowledge”

“ Start figuring… take the other shoe off”

“ You’ve probably heard of me”     “Quote un Quote”

“Anyone can wear a white Lab Coat!”



Nickname: “Jean, or Jean-Guy”

Jean Quoteables: “Did you give yourself that name?”

“How do you know that I am not on vacation”

“ Who told you that?...anyone can make anything up”

“ I’m not sure you understand how that works”

“ Tape to Tape… Hosti, Hosti”

“Not everyone graduated first in their class, someone had to bring up the rear”

Above left photo: Broken nose from hockey the night before.




Position: Office / Bookkeeping

Nickname: Mama

Quoteable: "It is what it is"




Chris S.

Position: GM

Nickname: “Shanks”


Chances are when you contact FAS by phone or mail, Chris will be there to greet and get you sorted.




"I want great Climate."

"What ever the maximum word is, other than death, that happened."






Position: Everything to Everyone

Knickname: “G”, or “GK”

Quoteables: “That’s delicious”

“I use that move every time!”

“ Muscular Hips”

“ It didn't have one when it showed up here”

“ I just got pulled over…I told’em I was waiting on parts”

“ I put three coats on it”



Position: “Runner”, Key Master, Inventory

Knickname: “Buffy” “ Buf/Buffalo Bob”


“…or, whatever”

“Ok.  Alright.  Ok.  Alright.”

” Is that what you ship?”

“ So, I guess I’m the only one here who’s played at Fenway and the Boston Garden”

“ CA VA, Michelle!”

Gary "Pa Smurf" Gaydos

Pa passed away late spring of '09.  Gary was our ultimate prep man.  He is greatly missed as an FAS employee, but more so as a dear friend.